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Tired of dealing with the bureaucracy of “big box” labs?

Too Many Rules

Have you ever been frustrated with labs that reject your order because of minor errors or omissions? Stone understands, and will help make sure your order gets processed even if you make mistakes when placing it.

Too Inflexible

Say goodbye to “one size fits all.” At Stone Labs our goal is to offer solutions that make life easier for our clients. If that means creating a unique to the client reporting mechanism, results delivery modality or work flow adjustment… Consider it done!

Takes Too Long

Turnaround time for your reports is everything. We understand anything that impacts patient care, just can’t wait. Stone Lab works around the clock to make sure our client’s urgent needs are met.

Stone Clinical Laboratories delivers best-of-class service, at unrivaled speed and with the most flexible and customizable plans in the industry.

Stone Clinical Laboratories delivers best-of-class service, at unrivaled speed and with the most flexible and customizable plans in the industry.


Stone Clinical labs is dedicated to providing physicians with the flexibility they need to get the results the way they want it, when they need it. Powered by the latest research and technology, Stone Labs is a mastery full-service COLA certified clinical reference laboratory that specializes in preventative and diagnostic testing. Stone Labs is dedicated to making your life easier with fewer rules, ability to adapt to unique needs, and dedicated to reducing the time to results so your patients can get the care they need. Finally, a clinical lab that puts physicians first!


The Quality and Accuracy You Demand

  • Most Advanced lab Technologies, state of the art technology
  • Training we treat our client relationships like partnerships. We are hands on in all aspects relieving as much of the burden to the ordering clinician as possible
  • Certifications CLIA, COLA certifications
  • Expertise the SCL team has extensive experience in all service lines
  • Dedicated Compliance Staff


The Flexibility, Accessibility, and Support You Want

  • Customized Reports and IT solutions that are unique to the clinic
  • Instant Access to a toxicologist for expert review of results
  • Custom pick ups, when you need it, where you want it to work within your work flow
  • Live customer service access anytime day or night there when you need us
  • Contact us by phone, fax or email, anytime communication is one of the most important factors involved in a great partnership
  • Instant access to a toxicologist or LIM expert you are never alone


The Speed and Convenience You Need

  • 24/7 access to results Stone Client portal is specifically designed to make receiving and accessing your results easier
  • Fast TAT Reports — the way you want it, so your patients do not have to wait
  • Digital Integration
  • EMR Interfaces maintaining your workflow is very important to the efficiency of your clinic
  • Web portal Ordering reducing the amount of paper requisitions
  • Flexible contact – phone, email, fax, whatever suits you best

The industry’s most advanced clinical laboratory

Certified & Accessible Subject Matter Experts

  • Licensed Nationally and in the state of Louisiana
  • Industry accredited staff (ASCP, AABB, ABB)
  • Dedicated Compliance Staff

The most advanced clinical lab technology

Stone Clinical Laboratories has invested in state of the art technology that allows us to perform a full-spectrum of testing services faster and more accurately than ever before.

New Breakthroughs in Clinical Testing

Innovation and partnership drive our business. Stone Clinical Laboratories delivers a wider variety of services and solutions, centered around physicians and designed to meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-changing healthcare market.


HPV detection, the nation’s largest STD population, has never been easier. Stonewash is an FDA approved HPV STD Oral Mouthwash.


Now a mouthwash can screen for a patient’s risk for cardiovascular disease, CardioWash™ uses polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to identify small variations in DNA called single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) that are associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease. The genes included in the CardioWash™ analysis are inherited from our parents and can be passed on from generation to generation.


Stone Clinical Laboratories offers several PCR based panels to identify the presence of antibiotic resistant pathogens related to respiratory, gastrointestinal, nail, wound and urinary tract infection. PCR technology allows for a faster and more accurate diagnosis to be made as compared to traditional culture methods.


Stone Clinical’s PGx testing helps clinicians predict a patient’s likely response to prescription drug therapy based on the individual’s genetic makeup. PGx can help reduce the unwanted side effects, adverse drug reactions and ineffective therapies associated with trial and error prescribing.

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