About Stone Clinical Laboratories

Powered by the latest research and technology, Stone Clinical Laboratories is a full-service clinical reference laboratory that specializes in preventative diagnostic testing.

The future of personalized medicine and consumer-driven medicine holds endless possibilities


We at Stone Clinical Laboratories are dedicated to simplifying testing, improving the efficiency of molecular diagnostics, reducing consumer and corporate cost, increasing overall access to diagnostics, and increasing the quality of patient care domestically and internationally.

Stone Clinical Laboratories is a clinical reference laboratory focused on preventative diagnostics testing and molecular diagnostics used in early detection. We are a pioneering company dedicated to the widespread use of molecular genetic screens that detect early signs of DNA and cellular damage, while continually enhancing our offerings in complementary diagnostic services including toxicology, hematology, Wellness Testing and Pharmacogenetics (PGx). Our molecular genetic screenings are easy to administer and can be non-invasive to the patient. These diagnostic screens are developed to diagnose and prevent cancer and infectious diseases, as well as diagnose inherited conditions.

Today, Stone Clinical Laboratories encompasses an incredibly qualified and passionate team of experts and specialized doctors who create a seamless process for providers each step of the way. Doing business with Stone Clinical means a 24-Hour Customer Service hotline as well as direct access to lab directors.

The laboratory includes preventative diagnostics, unique testing algorithms and an endless combination of screenings offered. As the global diagnostic genetic industry expands and the need for more personalized medical solutions are required, Stone Clinical Laboratories is poised to meet those demands by following these industry-wide keys to success:


  • Value-based and client-centered service
  • Regulation and Federal Compliance
  • Partnerships with proactive versus reactive healthcare establishments (where care is
  • integrated into daily practice processes)
  • A company culture that revolves around collaboration, scientific innovation, and investment in state-of-the-art technology
  • Reliable, high-precision screens/risk assessments
  • Revenue diversification
  • Ensure pricing policy that is appropriate
  • Actionable screen results and services
  • A cost-structure of tests and reimbursement procedures supported by target markets
  • Maximum utility in the laboratory (economies of scale)
  • A team of intelligent, passionate, and ethical employees
  • Innovative research and development
  • Utilize health information technology (HIT) and social media platforms to encourage positive physician/patient experience


We know that in healthcare, time is money. We work hard to process your tests quickly and deliver results promptly. Our clients enjoy some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.


With flexible scheduling and delivery, reports customized to fit into your workflow, and flexible payment options, our clients and their patients get results and solution that work best for them.Stone prides itself on working with clients to create solutions that work best for them.


Powered by the latest research and technology, Stone Labs is a full-service, CLIA- and COLA-certified clinical reference laboratory, specializing in preventative and diagnostic testing.

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