Stonewash: HPV Test in a Mouthwash

Molecular Testing for HPV detection, the nation’s largest STD population, is now available in a Mouthwash

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection.

Almost 80 million people in the U.S. are currently infected with the virus, according to CDC estimates, and nearly 14 million (including teens) become infected with HPV each year.

The CDC notes that “nearly all sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.”

How do you get HPV?

HPV is a virus that is passed skin-to-skin through sexual intercourse or other forms of skin-to-skin contact of the genitals. There are different types of HPV. Some can lead to genital warts and others can cause some types of cancer.

Latest Research shows HPV-related OPSCC Cancer is on the rise

The incidence of HPV-related OPSCC (Oralpharyngeal Squamous Cel Carcinoma) among men has increased dramatically and has already surpassed the incidence of cervical cancer in women

HPV’s are 6x More common in men

Who is At Risk for HPV’s?

Oral HPV 16 is 6x more common in men than women. Men who reported having two or more same-sex oral sex partners, prevalence of High Risk HPV was 22.2%.(1)

The change in incidence per 100,000 of HPV- related (orophayngeal) head and neck cancer from 2002 to 2012 increased 2.89% each year while increasing at a statistically insignificant rate for women (2.)


HPV detection is now in a Mouthwash!

An Oral Mouthwash -- An intuitive, innavative molecalar testing platform that is non-invasive, accurate, and Life-saving

Stone Clinical Laboratory has created an innovative simple-to-use Mouthwash molecular testing platform that is non-invasive, accurate, and life-saving. Stonewash is an FDA approved HPV STD Oral Mouthwash that screens for the following diseases: HPV, Trichomonas, Neisseria, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia Trachomatis, HIV, HCV, HSV I & II, and Candida species.

  StoneWash Normal Cytology3
Sensitivity 93% 90%
Specificity 90% 70.5%
Results 1-3 Days varied

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