Our Facility

Located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, Stone Clinical Laboratories offers state of the art technology in a beautifully-designed space.

Stone Clinical Laboratories has its roots in the services provided by Stone Surgical, a medical services based company founded in 2008, dedicated to bringing leading-edge techniques and technology to examination rooms and surgical suites alike. The company distributed medical device implants in the neuro, spine, and orthopedic markets, later expanding into laboratory services.

As Stone Surgical‘s offerings continued to evolve, Stone Clinical Laboratories was created to encompass a wider variety of services, including Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular, Pharmacogenetic Testing, Hematology, Pathology, Prescription Drug Monitoring and Cytology- all solutions designed to meet new challenges in the constantly changing and dynamic field of medicine.

Today, Stone Clinical Laboratories serves as a much-needed specialty lab for physician practices and hospitals, as well as other laboratories throughout the United States. Stone is your industry-leading single source solution. With the launch of our flagship product, StoneWash, we bring the ability to test not only vaginal and anal sexually transmitted infections, but oral infections as well with non-invasive methods. Our methods have high sensitivity and specificity making our innovative products clinically meaningful, actionable, and necessary in controlling sexually transmitted infections.

As Stone Clinical Laboratories evolves into the leading molecular and genetic based patient centered care facility, our innovation and partnerships drive our business. Our lab and payor networks allow us to partner with any lab and type of insurance. Likewise, our on-demand system enables you to receive test results instantaneously.

Beauty and science are combined in one space to provide the best boutique laboratory services available in today’s market.

Schedule a tour of our lab the next time you are in New Orleans. Our staff is always happy to welcome visitors.

Advanced Technology

Hematology & Chemistry

  • Siemens Dimension Vista 500 (serum chemistry)
  • Siemens Advia Centaur XP (serum immunoassays)
  • Siemens Advia 2120 (hematology)

Molecular Diagnostics

  • COBAS 4800 by Roche®
  • COBAS 6800 by Roche®
  • BioFire FilmArray®
  • ThermoFisher® Thermocyclers


  • Hamilton Nimbus DNA Extraction instrument
  • Agena MassARRAY analyzer


  • 6 Agilent 6460 LC-MS/MS instruments
  • CLC-1600 (urine drug screen and validity testing)
  • Tecan Freedom Evo (liquid handler for toxicology samples)
  • Biotage Extrahera (toxicology sample extraction)
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